“Make known to me your ways, Lord; teach me your paths. Guide me by your fidelity and teach me, for you are God my savior, for you I wait all the day long.” Psalm 25:4-5 NAB

RCIA Adapted for Children (RCIC)

This ministry prepares children who are age 7 or older and who are not baptized for full acceptance into the Church. The child and the parents/family participate in faith formation sessions for an increased conversion of heart and knowledge about our faith. For more information contact the RCIC Director: Dorothy Gonzalez  phone:  (775)358-5989 ext. 4  email: dorothyg@icsparks.org

Children's Liturgy of the Word

What is Liturgy of the Word Ministry for children? Children age 4 through 14 are invited to listen to the Word of God proclaimed from the Lectionary for Children. This program is offered at Sunday Masses at 9:30 am & 2:00 pm, September through Mid-May. There is no registration or fee for this ministry.

RCIA — Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

Each year on Holy Saturday during the Easter Vigil, thousands of adults are baptized into the Catholic Church in the United States. Parishes welcome these new Catholics through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). The Immaculate Conception group meets Thursdays at 7:00 PM in the Parish Hall. Learn more at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website.


Landings is a Paulist Ministry designed to assist parishes in welcoming back inactive Catholics wanting to take another look at the church. We are a group of active Catholic volunteers from all walks of life and different Faith backgrounds that are in solidarity with the returning Catholic, as we represent that segment of the Church which has returned and continue to return through this participation. We are founded on the belief that we don’t have to be trained theologians to speak honestly about the faith; rather, we trust in the Holy Spirit for guidance.

Prayer and Life Workshop — A New Evangelization

Most successful and happy people are good at making time for reflection and spirituality. A time to silence the busy mind and just be. The workshop is a service approved by the Holy See, inspired by Father lgnacio Larranaga, to learn and deepen the art of prayer and live a much happier life full of peace. Through meditations on the Word, intensive prayer methods, and silencing exercises, the participant overcomes, step by step, their anxieties, fears and sadness. They find meaning to life and experience the love, peace, and joy that only God can provide.

Natural Family Planning

FertilityCare Center of Reno teaches a natural method of family planning that follows the teachings of the Catholic Church as found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church. NaProTechnology, the medical/surgical treatment of reproductive issues, including infertility, PMS, miscarriage, polycystic ovarian disease, endometriosis and others is offered. The classes are taught by competent FertilityCare Practitioners who give a detailed education in the method. Learn more at the FertilityCare Centers of America website.

Video and Book Lending Library

The Video/Book Lending Library offers positive, wholesome Catholic Christian materials for family enjoyment and spiritual growth. The library is available in the church office area. Parishioners may check out 3 items per family, providing name, phone #, and date on the check out card leaving it in the envelope on video rack. DVDs are not in the cases so you need to check them out in the office. Videos, DVDs, and books need to be returned within 2 weeks. The video rack is in the gathering space during the Lenten Season and several times during the year, as volunteers come forward to help after the Masses.

Upcoming Protecting God’s Children Awareness Sessions

The Protecting God’s Children course is mandatory for anyone who comes in contact with children: ushers, eucharistic ministers, lectors, altar server trainers, religious education teachers, adult aides, and parents attending class with their child.

Call the parish office at 775-358-5977 for more details.